Portugal vs Iceland – a match full of surprises

Published: 16.06.2016.


The match between Portugal and Iceland surprised many; among them our very own Ciro who commented briefly on the encounter.

“The match was an absolute surprise. I watched it carefully and noticed yet again what I have always advocated – that a weaker team who are more invested in the game can celebrate against an objectively stronger team.

So I must warn them that this is not the time to get comfortable.  They mustn’t rely on the amount and the quality of talent they possess, but be equally invested with their other opponents and play a good quality game.”

Iceland’s coach – Swede Lars Lagerback – is a big fan of our legendary coach. Here’s what Ciro had to say about that:

“I know of that. He manifested it on multiple occasions and I am very grateful for people who won’t let me get pushed to the margins of world football.”