With the first round of fixtures at Euro finished, did Italy and Croatia leave the best impression?

Published: 16.06.2016.


Journalist Andrija Kacic Karlin talked to Ciro about the first round of matches at Euro 2016. Andrija thought that Italy and Croatia made the best impression, but does the coach of all coaches agree? Here is what he had to say:

“You are somewhat in the wrong about Italy, but Croatia has undoubtedly exhibited the most football authority; this is reflected in the quality of individuals. They showed, especially in the second half of the game, that there is a reason why our players are favorites for the greatest football experts in the world. After the match with Turkey everyone said Croatia was a hidden favorite.

It saddens me greatly that we still haven’t made it to traditional favorites’ status – that this status is still reserved for Spain, Italy, Germany… But Croatia automatically belongs to this group by constantly being present in competitions and having won third place in a World Cup. I would say it is wrong to say that we are hidden favorites.

No, we are favorites! That is what we should be communicating to all our footballers because they are the ones who can realize this potential. Entrusting victory to someone would be a galvanizer for anyone intelligent. All of our players are undoubtedly intelligent and this would motivate every last atom of their energy. It is expected of them to show us again on Friday what we have seen against the Turks.”