Who should we fear more – Spain or the Czech Republic?

Published: 16.06.2016.

Skupina D - Hrvatska Euro 2016

After the match with the Czechs, Croatia will be playing Spain. Will that be a difficult encounter? Should we be scared? We asked Ciro Blazevic.

“They are current European champions, which gives the match an interesting charge. There is nothing sweeter than defeating favorites. Croatia can do that. I am more apprehensive about the Czech Republic.”


“Because nobody knows our players’ mentality better than I do. It is very important to work with them psychologically, explain to them that this is a trap. The Czechs are not harmless. On the contrary – they are a team that deserves respect and if we don’t take this match seriously, we might leave disappointed.

It’s important to communicate this to the players. Will Cacic manage this, we have yet to see.

These people are different from us. Footballers are a very complicated world. They became rich and famous very young and it happens suddenly. Anything could be going on in their minds. The exceptions are the players who have the professional awareness that the job they are doing requires constant results.

We will compromise our wonderful game against Turks if we don’t perform equally well against the Czechs.”