Presentation of Ciro Blazevic’s website in Histrionski dom theatre

Published: 03.06.2016.


The initiative for creating website of the famous coach occurred several months ago, triggered by increasingly frequent lectures that Ciro Blazevic, also known as a great motivator and a leader,  held in front of different audiences and companies, that have recognized the efficiency and the inevitability of 7 factors that lead to success, not only on the football field, but also in other areas of life.

By creating this website, we wanted to make the success formula accessible to many people and help them become indispensable ‘players’ in all fields of life, but also to make a kind of online ‘museum’ dedicated to him, in regard of his remarkable and successful career.
We wanted to make a place on which we’ll collect all the great content, interviews, beautiful photos, fascinating stories from his life, but also to offer to people everything else this great man can teach us.


Small but enthusiastic team started to work on making of the web for which we had so little time, since the plan was that page launches before the start of Euro 2016.

Ciro Blazevic appeared as an exclusive football games commentator for the most famous Croatian and international websites and publications before and this time he will do the same but on his own website.

Part of the website is designed for coaching, where you will be able to access to online educational courses at the School of motivation or getting better understanding of his seven keys of success.


Being an international coach, who coached five national teams in his career and knowing the fact that a large number of people from abroad still following his work, it was logical to make this website on different languages – along with Croatian, the pages will be on English, Chinese and French also.


Much of the work we’ve done while making this site, went on collecting material, especially photos, a lot of them, but we were not spared our time shooting video material also, we filmed ‘coach of all coaches’ in a variety of situations and asked him everything we could think about, feel free to enjoy that material at blog section.

Presentation of the website for guests and journalists will be held on June 8th in Histrionski dom theatre in Zagreb, followed by a detailed report on this site.

The Ciro Blazevic Team