Croatia vs. Turkey: ‘We deserved to celebrate against the Turks much earlier’

Published: 13.06.2016.


A deserved victory, I enjoyed certain details of the match. We have a great team. Our players fought like true fighters, we could feel their experience and their focus, and that’s the most important. I am pleased with our game.

This is a great and deserved victory. We played well, but this representation can do even better. We completely neutralized Turkey. Our victory could have been more decisive – they kept us on the edge of our seats until the very end, for which there was no need. We should be happy with the game.

At the very beginning we let the Turks know we would constantly be at their goal. I can remember. The action in the first few seconds wasn’t bad, Rakitic almost scored after Srna’s pass.

But the Swedish judge Eriksson annoyed me. He wasted to much time talking. After the foul on Modric the judge entered dialogue with Ozan unnecessarily – he clearly deserved a yellow card. Waste of time.

The beginning of the match was somewhat boring, the Turks overcomplicated things and our chances lay in counter-attacks. The Turks were ready to receive a whooping.

Our guys looked like they were playing very carefully at the back, Corluka and Vida. Especially Vida. I thought Still, Perisic looked the best.

After the first half hour it became evident we were substantially outplaying them. We played for a brief period and posed an immediate threat. We needed to establish the rules of the game. Within the first 25 minutes we threatened their goal three or four times, without them even getting close to our gates.

The Turks outsmartened us once, but Subasic saved the day.

We were dangerous, but couldn’t seem to score. But we soon would! That’s right, the virtuoso was Modric. What a goal! Badelj was presented with an even better opportunity but he missed. Modric’s ball was unstoppable. Magical. Right on time, just before half time. The entire team deserved this goal, but Luka first and foremost as he played a great game.

We dominated the second half as well, the game slipped away from the Turks.

Srna hitting the crossbar was no stroke of luck, but it wasn’t unfortunate either. Had he hit the ball correctly, it would have gone in. It is a shame, but that’s how it is. But we played well and that made me optimistic. I didn’t see the Turks as a threat, but we had to score again to be safe. In other aspects, our game was good. We opened opportunities and we should have annihilated them. Then there was the other crossbar, this time it was Perisic. It seems it was destined for us to be on the edge of our seats until the very end, but we needn’t have been. The victory was well deserved, I enjoyed certain details of the game. We have a great team. Our boys fought like true fighters, you could feel the experience and the focus, and that’s the most important. I am pleased with our game.