Ciro has given up the bench, but he keeps coaching – he has become a lecturer!

Published: 05.09.2016.


Ciro Blazevic launched a personal website that not only gives us a glimpse at the “coaches’ coach”as an Internet phenomenon, but also as a devoted motivational speaker, lecturer and teacher of leadership skills.

And what a great motivator he is! He structures his lectures around “Formula 7”, the formula consisting of seven factors crucial to achieving success.

He is 81 years old and will never again put on his coaching shoes like in the last fifty-odd years. He has, however, embarked on a new career journey. He is the coaches’ coach, Ciro Blazevic! That is what the Internet news portal wrote about Ciro Blazevic’s new career.

As we can tell, he now has a new web-page, Every day he pours anecdotes from the real world into cyberspace so that his fans around the world can check out where he has been, what he has been doing and what he has to say.

This does not mean that an interesting web-phenomenon is all Ciro Blazevic has now become; he has also taken up motivational work, lecturing and teaching about leadership skills. This he does masterfully. He structures his lectures around “Formula 7”, a formula consisting of seven crucial factors (keys) on the path to success. The first key ties into the second, the second into the third and so forth. Accompanied by his irresistible charm, Ciro actually talks about his life, his failures and numerous successes. He presents it all in very interesting fashion.

His lectures simplified – nowadays talent is no longer enough. It is important to have access to all seven keys to success that Ciro Blazevic speaks of in his formula. The idea for the seven keys of success was born out of his 55 years of experience as a reputable leader, great motivator and psychologist.

The formula is intricate and immensely challenging. Should you lack only one of the seven factors, you will almost certainly compromise your career on the path to affirmation. Everybody strives for a good career and affirmation, reputation and renown, but few of us realize that on that road we must keep proving ourselves over and over again; we cannot live off past results, we need to reaffirm them. None of us can climb straight to the top.

Ciro Blazevic is known as a great motivator and leader, having achieved notable success with the many football teams he coached in his career. He is blessed with authenticity, spontaneity and candor, which makes companies value him as a lecturer. Notable examples of companies that have had Ciro Blazevic give lectures to their employees are Coca Cola, The Faculty of Economics in Osijek, The Agile Adria Conference, Opel…

His educational program is designed to help anyone achieve personal growth and business progress, to warn attendees about the challenges they will face along the way, to enrich their lives through Ciro Blazevic’spersonal experiences, and to demonstrate that a seemingly hopeless case – which Ciro claims he once was – can become successful by making use of all the seven keys of success.


We will not be seeing Ciro coach from a bench again, but he is resuming his career in lecture halls. He has become a lecturer. Miroslav Blazevic’s coaching stunts and prowess captivated fans all over the globe. Ciro’s coaching career has seen more successes than failures thanks to his expertise, knowledge and hard work – talent played its part, of course, but his relentlessness and determination are what counts the most.

Like an artist devoted completely to his masterpiece, Blazevic invested in his coaching career everything he had, in more ways than one: he was a coach, a pedagogue, a psychologist, even a psychiatrist when necessary. He could light a fire in people that all global marketing companies combined could not. “He was and still is the best advertisement for football the world has ever seen,” his colleague Ivica Osim once said.

After all, the recognition Ciro Blazevic received from the coaches of national teams in the France 1998 World Cup says it all. That was the year Croatia made its first appearance on the global football stage and nearly became world champions. As someone who has been named by his colleagues “the coaches’ coach”, his lectures are definitely worth a listen!