Blazevic’s literary football treats from Euro 2016.

Published: 03.06.2016.


Coaches watch matches differently than fans do. After all, that is their profession; a coach watching a football game notices things fans do not. Even more so, a great coach notices more than an average coach.

Aided by experience and instincts, he is able to predict the course of a given match, despite the inevitable factor of luck which mustn’t be overlooked even in the game of football.

Anyone who at least once watched a football match in Ciro Blazevic’s company was left amazed by the amount of detail he notices. Ciro has often been an exclusive guest commentator for the most renowned Croatian and international newspapers; and whenever Ciro writes down his commentary, he gives us a true literary football treat.

That said – dear football enthusiasts and admirers of Blazevic’s work – we are happy to announce Ciro Blazevic’s exclusive commentary of the most anticipated matches of the upcoming UEFA European Championship in France (10 June – 10 July), here on this website.

Ciro will obviously focus primarily on matches played by the Croatian national team ‘Vatreni’ (The Blazers) and matches played within their group, but that’s not all. Blazevic will see to it that he doesn’t miss the most awaited, most-watched matches of the championship.

You too can participate, dear website followers! Feel free to send your questions to Mr. Blazevic via email to

The Ciro Blazevic Team


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