Coffee Time with Ciro: How will the Croatian representation fare at Euro 2016?

Published: 03.06.2016.

hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija

Will the fact that our footballers belong to world famous clubs help the representation rank high in the forthcoming European Championship in France?

ekipa-vatreni-euro300There is still a few days wait to find that out, but in the meantime let us hear Ciro’s prognosis for The Blazers:


“I sense an atmosphere of skepticism, and you must believe my experience when it says that pleasant surprises happen in such times. A lot of optimism and euphoria has never amounted to anything. When I was leaving for France people were smashing tram doors and yelling out: “You should go to a madhouse, you ass, you think you can win first place?” I’d told them we would be champions. We came in third! We can see a similar situation today: we have the best team in Europe. Arsène Wenger is a football authority and even he said that the most talent is concentrated in the Croatian team, they are the favorites. He’d said the same for me.


But they need to carry the burden of this trust on their shoulders, approach each match responsibly and, of course, live up to what the people have the right to expect from such a reputable, renowned team of footballers who play in the world’s greatest clubs.”