Seven keys of success

predavanje s boka

We all have our own vision of what the journey to success looks like.

Ciro Blazevic has been a coach for 55 years and he knows for a while that the most popular factor, the most vital – talent, is no longer  enough to make it in this business called football or any other areas of life.

However, since evolution is unstoppable and ruthless, other key factors emerged on the way to success and it has been proven that there can be no success without them; at least not the kind we all crave – continuous results.

Everyone wants to build a career and earn affirmation, reputation and renown, yet few realize that this is a business of constant reaffirmation. You can’t live off the result you once accomplished, you have to constantly reaffirm it.

Our results move in waves and it’s of utmost importance in at our low points to show motivation, character, intelligence…

In this section of the website, you will learn more about the seven factors of success, each of them separately, in details.

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The Ciro Blazevic Team