Introducing Ciro Blazevic’s School of Motivation


Ciro Blazevic is known as a great motivator and a respectful leader for the achievements of the football teams he coached during his remarkable career. He is also blessed with authenticity reflected in two of his features – naturalness and spontaneity.

The success formula created by the ‘coach of all coaches’ is a result of his rich life and work experience. Today he passes his experience and knowledge forward in his educational programs.

Many companies and institutions recognized the efficiency and vitality of his formula on the journey to success in all aspects of life – not only football. Notable examples of companies that have had Ciro Blazevic teach lessons to their employees are Coca Cola, The Faculty of Economics in Osijek, The Agile Adria Conference, Opel…


Ciro Blazevic’s School of Motivation

To make the success formula accessible to many people and help them become indispensable ‘players’ in all fields of life, an essential part of this website deals with online education. Ciro Blazevic’s School of Motivation is a segment of this website designed for companies and individuals; to anyone prepared to train diligently to achieve success, no matter what they do in life.

How to participate in ‘training sessions’

In order to join the training and coaching, you need to register. As a registered member you will be granted access to exclusive materials from the School of Motivation.

Is education free?

It is not. But what you will hear and learn from the legendary coach has already helped others, so there’s no need to doubt it will help you too. As a registered user you will also be receiving our email newsletter with the most recent of exclusive content.

What you will learn at the School of Motivation

The ‘7 Keys of Success’ formula is extremely complex, but applicable to all areas of life. You are going to learn the best way to use it. This educational program is designed to help you achieve personal growth and business progress, to warn you about the difficulties you can expect along the way, to enrich your life through Ciro Blazevic’s experiences, and to show you how a seemingly hopeless case – which Ciro Blazevic himself once was – can grow into a success by applying all seven necessary Keys of Success to their life. The School of Motivation will cover various other topics such as general issues and problems we encounter in life and you will also be able to suggest subject matters of your personal interest. With Ciro’s distinctive educational style one thing is guaranteed – you will never get bored.

For a glimpse at Ciro’s lectures, see video below:


How to apply for the School of Motivation

It’s simple! All you need to do is register using the application form below. Ciro will soon send you an email notification about the start of your first training session.

We hope you find our website useful and enjoy your stay!


The Ciro Blazevic Team