Ciro – Your football coach


Want to experience coaching by Ciro Blazevic? Learn from him the basics of the coaching profession? Interested in what Ciro has to say about preparations for a match, the match itself, coaching his players and keeping his team and himself motivated?

In short – are you eager to find out how Ciro became the ‘coach of all coaches’ in the voting for world’s best coach?

Have no doubt; the players who trained under Ciro Blazevic’s baton will remember those days for the rest of their lives.

So pay close attention if you are at the start of your coaching career, already coaching a team – whether it is a senior or a junior team – or if you are an aspiring coach. What you are looking for is right here.

Football Academy Maksimir in Zagreb is organizing an educational program aimed at coaches and aspiring coaches, with special emphasis on coaching young football players.

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Ciro with coaches, Football Academy Maksimir

Graduates from what we call the Ciro Blazevic Academy (coaches, football academies, footballers who someday plan to coach and start their own academies) will have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience during these several days of learning the theory and practice of coaching.

The football game is a complex process. As is the case with numerous other sports, one must take into account not only the ball and the field, but also psychology, nutrition, communicology, sociology… not to mention child-parent relationships.

At the Academy, all of the above will be studied in great detail.

The Academy will be enrolling groups of 10 to 20 people at a given time. Participants have to be in good physical shape and have prior knowledge of football.

If necessary, lectures will also be held in English, Chinese and French.


To apply for the Academy, please contact us via email:


The Ciro Blazevic Team