Ciro’s Comments on the Champions League Final – Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

Published: 03.06.2016.

luka modrić drži pehar, rela madrid

Real and Atletico gave us a real treat in this phenomenal final match, which is definitely worth commentating. The ‘coach of all coaches’ is always happy to give his opinion about such a football event.

Here is what Ciro Blazevic had to say about the match:

“The match was worthy of the final. Yesterday we saw two of the truly best teams creating a football spectacle. I am especially happy for our Modric. Believe me that, although I am subjective, he was one of the best performers in this match. I was delighted when they finally triumphed – Luka and all true fans of Real Madrid deserved it.

Luka Modric was declared best midfielder of La Liga and said:

“The award makes me very happy, especially considering tough competition. If I had to single out an opponent from my category it would be Iniesta, who I value greatly.”

Congratulations, Luka!